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Our history

The Cortesi family, the vineyards and the olive groves

Luciano Cortesi decided to carry on the family tradition of producing wine and oil, a tradition established by his grandfather Emilio and continued by his father Severino and his uncle Nazareno. He therefore founded the Giole Vineyard in the area of Badia a Ruoti, about an hour’s drive south from Florence, Tuscany.

This vineyard is closely tied to the Cortesi family, whose heart and soul have always been behind all the family projects.

Part of the olives allocated for the production of the Olio Extravergine d’Oliva 9 come from the area around Florence, where part of the Cortesi family lives; in particular, from the hills of the towns of Bagno a Ripoli and Impruneta. The remaining olives, which yield an exquisite olive oil with very low acidity, are gathered in the olive groves of the Parco dell’Uccellina, in the coastal region of the Maremma in southern Tuscany.

The Cortesi family fell in love with the Maremma and, in particular, with the Monte Argentario peninsula where, near Capo D’Omo, they bought an estate with a small centennial vineyard of Ansonica grapes located on a cliff overlooking the sea, in front of the Giglio, Montecristo, Corsica, and Elba islands.

This is where the grapes allocated for the production of Ansonica Tradizione 1 come from.

Those used for Ansonica 24 instead come from vineyards in the area of Parrina (Orbetello).

The single-variety Sangiovese Badia a Ruoti 4 wine is made from the grapes of the small centennial vineyard of Badia a Ruoti, which surrounds the family’s country home. These grapes yield a maximum of 600 bottles.

The grapes allocated to the Sangiovese 10 come from the area of Marciano.

The Cortesi family relies on the expertise and sagacity both of Antonio Camillo who takes care of the winemaking, and of Paolo Valente, friend, journalist and sommelier, who is in charge of communications.

People and numbers interconnect in Giole

Giole is the acronym of the beginning letters of the names of Luciano’s three grandchildren: Ginevra, Oliver, and Leon.

Instead of names, all the wine labels display numbers that have meaning and importance for the Cortesi family.

For instance, the number 1 of the Ansonica Tradizione wine highlights the fact that this was the first wine to be produced. 1 is also the number that soccer teams reserve for their goalkeepers; Luciano’s son, Giacomo, was a goalkeeper for many years, and he achieved excellent results in this sport.  

And again, Giacomo’s birthday, (September) 24, gives its name to Ansonica IGT.

As for the Sangiovese wine, number 4 of the Badia a Ruoti selection is dedicated to Astrid, Luciano’s wife, who was born in April. The Sangiovese 10 is dedicated to his granddaughter Ginevra, born in October, which is also the birth month of Stephanie, the mother of Luciano’s three grandchildren.

September, the month in which both Luciano and Giacomo were born, gives its name to the Olio Extravergine d’Oliva 9.  

Other numbers will identify the new products to be developed in the Giole Vineyards in the years to come. The first on the list will be number 3 (referring to the month in which Oliver and Leon were born) and number 7 (the birth month of their grandfather Severino as well as the day Oliver was born).

The evolution of the company

The main stages that have marked our path

Olive grove - Parco dell’Uccellina


Birth of the olive grove Parco dell’Uccellina

Olive grove Badia a Ruoti and olive grove Bagno a Ripoli (Baroncelli)

Early 1900s

Birth of the olive groves Badia a Ruoti and Bagno a Ripoli (Baroncelli)

Vineyard Badia A Ruoti


Birth of the vineyard Badia A Ruoti

Vineyard Calagrande


Birth of the vineyard Calagrande

Farm Badia A Ruoti


Year of construction of the farm in Badia A Ruoti

Vigneti Giole


The current Vigneti Giole is born

Our team

The Cortesi family makes use of the collaboration of the wise and expert Antonio Camillo who takes care of the winemaking and of Paolo Valente, friend, journalist and sommelier, who supports communication.

Luciano Cortesi
Giacomo Cortesi
Operation management
Antonio Camillo
Paolo Valente