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IGT Tuscan Vermentino 3 – EN

IGT Toscana Vermentino – 3

This grape variety has ancient origins and has always been grown in Tuscany. The aroma of its wine reminds us of days spent relaxing on the beach with a lovely breeze.


Vine varieties

100% Vermentino

Production area

The municipality of Marciano (province of Grosseto)

Vineyard characteristics

These young vines are grown in sandy-clay soil of fluvial origin enriched by the presence of pebbles usually found on riverbeds.

Agronomic techniques

We don’t use any synthetic products; disease management consists only of copper and sulfur treatments. The grape harvest usually takes place in the first week of September, when the grapes have reached optimum maturity and have turned chestnut brown, the typical color of mature Vermentino.


Static clarification at 8° C without any additives; white fermentation at the controlled temperature of 19° C; the wine ages on its fine fees for three months and is bottled in the beginning of spring.

Organoleptic notes

Bright golden yellow color. The nose is immediately and pleasantly reminded of white flowers and fruit. Grassy and almond-like notes complete the aromatic bouquet. The wine tastes sapid and is well-structured. Each sip proves that it is balanced in all its components; its long persistence makes it enjoyable in any situation.

Recommended pairings

Fish appetizers, soups, vegetables.

Serving temperature

12° C