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IGT Tuscan Ansonica 1 – EN

IGT Toscana Ansonica Tradizione – 1

An ancient farm on the Monte Argentario promontory in front of the Giglio Island, a small plot of land where, more than one hundred years ago, hardworking hands created vertical terraces overlooking the sea and started an Ansonica vineyard: this is the paradise where our grapes flourish.

The grapes, turned golden by the sun and caressed by the wind, are made from a single grape variety.


Vine varieties

100% Ansonica

Production area

Monte Argentario promontory

Vineyard characteristics

These centennial vines are grown on mainly sandy soil, using the Tuscan “capovolto,” or arched-cane, system. The vines are not very productive on their own, yielding no more than 1.5 kilograms of grapes per plant.

Agronomic techniques

All the work in the vineyard is done by hand; mechanical devices are not used in this small area of natural beauty, nor are any synthetic products; diseases are kept under control only with copper and sulfur treatments. The grape harvest usually takes place in the last week of September, when the grapes have turned golden, thereby reaching their optimum ripeness.


Because these grapes are so unique, winemaking must be a traditional process: spontaneous fermentation on the skins for 15 days without temperature control; pressing and aging in concrete tanks, on fine lees, for six months. Racking and bottling without filtration.

Organoleptic notes

Bright golden yellow color. Our sense of smell picks up some fruity notes, even exotic ones, and candied citrus fruit. Beeswax and iodized aromas merge with those of yellow flowers and medicinal herbs. The wine tastes sapid. Its tannic presence is strong and derives from the long maceration process. The persistence is good up until the final notes of dried sweet fruit and fruit preserved in alcohol.

Recommended pairings

Fish stews, such as the traditional “caciucco” associated with the Tuscan city of Livorno, and “vitello tonnato” (a traditional Piedmontese dish of cold, sliced veal covered with a creamy sauce flavored with tuna).

Serving temperature

14° C