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Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva 9 – EN

Olive Oil Extra – 9

Our olive grove grows on hilly areas where the rocky terrain confers excellent olfactory and visual characteristics to the final product, guaranteeing a particularly low acidity.

The trees are about 30/40 years old. Indeed, in some plots of land, they are more than 90/100 years old.

The trees are planted in irregular rows, often scattered over large areas, which allows them to have enough space, thus preventing the need for antiparasitic treatments. This gives a huge advantage to the oil, especially in terms of its slightly bitter taste. The color of the olives is green with golden highlights, and their aroma is fruity and slightly spicy, which enhances the flavors of fine Mediterranean cuisine.

The harvest is done exclusively by hand, and the pressing of the olives takes place within a few hours to prevent the formation of high levels of acidity.

The olive grove covers three terraced hectares in the southwestern and northwestern areas of the farm, where cultivars have been recently introduced to provide support to the ancient trees that have been there since the early twentieth century.

Our completely integrated production chain allows for working time to be reduced and for there to be an optimum control over the entire production cycle. Our basic production is reserved for the family; the Italian and foreign markets do not receive more than 20% of the entire harvest.

Cultivar Leccino





Cultivation system

Cultivation form

Planting year
1920 and 2000.

Clayey – calcareous of medium consistency.
Slope, 200 meters ASL.
Southwestern and northwestern exposure.

Variable production, 15 quintals per year on average.

Harvest period
First fifteen days of October.

Hand picking.

Extraction system
Continuous cycle.

Pressing of the olives
Within six hours from the harvest.

In stainless steel containers.

Organoleptic characteristics
Excellent with locally caught fish, boiled shrimp and prawns, salt-crusted sea bass, or just with vegetables. This oil adds a delicate flavor to mayonnaise used in a cocktail sauce. It is also ideal for more strongly flavored and structured dishes, such as wild boar stew.