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IGT Tuscan Ansonica 24 – EN

IGT Toscana Ansonica – 24

The grapes used to produce the ANSONICA 24 wine come from an ancient vineyard located on the stunning coastline of the Maremma, near Grosseto in Tuscany, where the sky, sea, and earth come together, offering a breathtakingly beautiful panorama.


Vine variety

100% Ansonica

Production area

Parrina (Orbetello)

Vineyard characteristics

The soil is mostly sandy, with some clay and loam. We use the Guyot pruning and training system in the vineyard.

Agronomic techniques

Our farming methods are based on natural processes and on our respect for the vines and for the environment in which they grow: we use only organic fertilizers, and disease management consists only of copper and sulfur treatments. The grape harvest takes place in the second decade of September. Each vine yields about three kilograms of grapes.


10% of the grapes are left on the vines to ferment spontaneously for one week; these are used as a “pied de cuve” to activate the alcohol fermentation process for the rest of the grapes, turning them into white wine at the controlled temperature of 19° C.

The wine is then aged in stainless steel tanks, on fine lees, for three months. It is decanted and bottled in the spring following the harvest.

Organoleptic notes

Intense yellow, similar to the color of straw, and well-structured. With delicate and elegant aromas, this wine is characterized by notes of yellow fruit, quince and citrus fruit, accompanied by herbal, white flower, and mineral hues. The smooth feeling in the mouth immediately gives way to a lively citrus acidity sustained by sapidity; the good persistence is reminiscent of vegetal notes.

Recommended pairings
Cocktails and appetizers, goat cheese, white meats or fish main courses, even accompanied by sauces.

Serving temperature
12° C